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Electric Forklift Dealers And Pricing

Electric forklift costs are far greater than that of gas forklifts to purchase outright. However, when renting an electric forklift, the costs are about equal and they are a great thing for the environment. Electric powered forklifts have vastly improved over the recent years to provide equal power as gas powered forklifts. Electric lift trucks emit some fumes, but very little when compared to gas models. Some machines that did run of fossil fuels have now been converted to electric, or a hybrid of both gas and electricity. Powerful batteries are used with the electric forklifts to supply them with ample power for hours on end. When the power runs low, you simply plug it back in for recharge!

Why Rent An Electric Forklift?

Electric forklifts are economical in certain areas where there is a convenient supply of electricity. Warehouses, inside large buildings, in the hulls of large ships, electrically run forklifts are extremely useful because there are very few emissions or actual pollutants from the machine. Not owning the device outright leaves the lessee free to update or downsize the machine. Forklifts cost at least $13,000, so this ties up quite an amount of available cash which could be used to build the business or find new clients. This type of forklift is economical to run and does not add to pollution.

What Terms Are Typical Terms For Forklift Rentals?

Forklift rentals are based on various lengths of rentals. Rentals Length can be had from most dealers for one day, one week, or by the month. Some dealers offer long term rental price breaks for six month or one year contracts. Moreover, the lease may be discounted if the forklift rental is for multiple forklifts.

Are There Many Forklift Brands To Choose From?

Almost all the major forklift brands, such as Komatsu, Still, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and some lesser-known ones have electrical forklifts for rent. Choose your forklift rental based on what is available, features, and budget available! Some forklift rental companies will deal only in one brand while some may have multiple options from which you may choose.

Are there licensing requirements for forklift rentals?

Yes. The operator should have a license to work the device. For licensing requirements refer to https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/poweredindustrialtrucks/

How Much Weight Can A Forklift Lift Safely?

All forklifts, electric or not, have a maximal weight that they are cleared to lift safely. This may depend on the size of the machine. Very small forklifts may only be able to lift 500 kg. This will also depend on the attachments that come with the machine. Very big electric forklifts can shift the contents of a several pallets at once while smaller electric forklifts will naturally have less power. It is never wide to exceed the maximum load recommended for a forklift. Actually, it is wise to plan to stay below the maximum load on a regular basis. Should you feel like you may be close to maximum weight, it is wise to move up to a size larger. It can be dangerous to have more than you can handle with your forklift. Forklift accidents can be terrible and can usually be avoided with prudence. Make sure you are choosing the right sized electric forklift for the task at hand.

Electric Forklift Prices

Renting An Electric Forklift-Options

  • Short-Term Electric Forklift RentalElectric forklift rentals with a capacity of under 5,000 lbs. typically cost around $150-$250 per day, $350-$550 per week, and $950-$1,700 per month.
  • Medium-Term Electric Forklift RentalRenting an electric forklift with a capacity of 6,000 to 10,000 pounds costs approximately $250-$350 per day, $550-$750 per week, and $3,000 to $4,500 per month.
  • Long-Term Electric Forklift RentalA forklift with a 30,000 pound capacity costs roughly $200-$800 per day, $800-$2,000 per week, and $3,500 to $5,500 per month to rent.
  • Long-Term Electric Forklift Rental The dealer buys the machine outright and then leases it back to whoever wants it in exchange for regular set payments. The remaining payment to own the machine is made at the end of the lease term and then the machine is the former lessees.
  • CHP or Commercial Hire PurchaseThis is also a way to go for businesses that are on a strict budget. A deposit may be put towards the payments or the leftover amount at the end. The length of the lease can also be spread out further for these businesses.

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