Forklift Leasing – Leasing Vs. Buying


Forklifts are considered to be worth several men in construction and businesses which deal in large packing, pallets or even rural. Using a forklift means that there is no damage to backs and legs of humans nor the cargo, usually. Training to use a forklift is simple and takes very little time to learn, and one person only is needed to operate the machine. A forklift is small, easy to maneuver and will lift weights that would be impossible for most men. They can also shift and stack items much higher than human arms can reach safely. Because there are several types of forklift that can be leased, the prices to lease them can vary. Forklifts are made differently for different work. Some can even be constructed so they can work on rough of difficult ground.

Types of Forklifts

  • A reach truck
  • A sit-down rider truck
  • Pallet jack
  • Order picker
  • Bad work-ground
  • Lesser-known forklifts

What Are Going To Be the Pros Of Leasing?

  • Increases the businesses’ profits
  • Leasing a forklift mostly keeps the businesses’ expenditure low
  • Allows accurate predicting of what the fleet will cost
  • Payments each month can be budgeted for as they are consistent
  • Down time of other equipment is lowered
  • The fleet expenditure account is correct
  • The business can claim 100% of the costs to lease forklifts
  • Allows management resources to be used elsewhere
  • Are good for businesses which have a cash flow problem
  • Keeps finance available for expansion

Factors to Keep In Mind When Leasing Forklifts

  • If the forklift or lifts is/are new or have been used
  • What shape your credit is in
  • The time the business leasing has actually been in business
  • Whether the dealer is being used to finance the leasing or not
  • How long is going to be the lease period
  • Does the business concerned need to loan or lease the forklift

Are The Savings Of Leasing Going To Be Worth It To The Business?

This will depend on how much the needy business will want to pay out to obtain the machine. Of course, as a forklift is an asset to the business, it should be visible that it will need to pay a reasonable amount to lease the machine. Of course, if the business can afford to buy a fleet of these machines, it may very well be the cheapest option in the long run, but leasing is becoming more and more common. By leasing, money is kept back to use in the business itself and to free up managerial staff, which would be otherwise occupied in moving the items requiring moving or lifting. As forklifts are usually leased by the week or month, finances can be put away to cover this time without having to take into account unexpected expenses.

What Forklift Is Needed?

The type of business requiring the machine will answer this question. If it is one, which needs continual shifting and replacing of pallets, then a pallet-lifter will be needed. If the operator is going to be in the machine most of an 8-hour day, then a sit-down driver is going to be the best option.


Depending on what is required from the machines will depend on whether a ‘pure’ or ‘true’ lease. This will entitle the lease to have the machine for one, two, or three years. A capital lease will entitle the lessee to buy the equipment when the lease is finalized. Both of these options however do have positives and negatives and should be discussed with an accountant or someone who knows about these things.

Air Compressor

Air compressors are simple machines with powerful electric engines. The engine or motor can squeeze and compress air into a storage tank. Function of an air compressor is to increase the pressure of air or gas in a chamber and then reduce its volume according to the need and requirement. The type of compressors that use this kind process of increasing air pressure and reducing volume of air are known as positive displacement compressors. Some of the most widely used positive displacement compressors are rotary (Vane & Screw) compressors and reciprocating compressors.

Different Grades for Selecting an Air Compressor

Consumer Grade

  • Lightweight and portable for household needs
  • Good for inflating tires, tubes and toys
  • Can be used for running different quick applications and tools such as staplers and guns

Contractor Grade

  • Perfect for a job-site
  • Designed for contractors and builders
  • Used for power nail guns
  • Excellent for roadside repair tools
  • Portable types include
  • hand-carry
  • wheeled cart
  • Attached to a vehicle

Commercial Grade

  • Heavy-duty advanced compressors with superior performance
  • Used in manufacturing units, auto-body repair shops, oil rigs and for different extreme applications
  • High quality and expensive meets with all industrial and commercial requirements

Buying Considerations

It is important to understand the compressors uses before buying it. Selection of right type of compressor depends on the basic knowledge of CFM, Flow, and HP. Some tips to know before choosing an air compressor are as following:

  • Knowing the maximum operating pressure required for different applications can help in determining if there is a need of buying a single or two stage compressor
  • Knowing the CFM usage (Maximum required) helps in determining the size and type of a compressor
  • Knowing the workspace size, required mobility and flexibility helps in selecting the style of a compressor such as a stationary or portable, weight and size
  • Determining the environment helps in selecting the type of engine; Gasoline or electric motor engine
  • Knowledge about overall usage of a compressor helps in determining the required tank size

Standard Features of an Air Compressor

Tank size can start from 1 gallon to 5 gallons, and heavy-duty air compressor tank size can be between 100 and 200 gallons CFM can be less than 1 CFM and more than 40 CFM and up

Different Styles in Air Compressors

• Twin-Stack Stacked design with two cylindrical tanks mounted horizontally allows more air capacity than other styles can and saves the space.

• Pancake Round and flat storage tank fitted on the bottom of this type of air compressor style is perfect for saving space and for adding stability.

• Hot Dog The hot dog style compressors have single cylindrical tank mounted horizontally on the unit.

• Wheelbarrow The wheelbarrow style with handles and a wheel offers ease of use and increases mobility. This model has two cylindrical tanks mounted on the unit

• Inflators Small, lightweight and portable compressors come without a storage tank are useful for inflating tires, toys, floats and different sports equipment.

Air Compressor Price

The price for an air compressor starts from less than a hundred dollars and can go above one thousand dollars. Different brands have unique features and accessories that can add up to increase the cost.

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